All you need is in one applicationOur application replacesthe most standart applications. Make calls, text message & connect with social networks without leaving the app!

All you need is in one application Our application replaces most standard applications. Make calls, text message & connect with social networks without leaving the app! Organize your contacts any way you like Organize your contacts. Add your most important contacts so they are always at hand and there is no need for a long search through your contacts! Make calls using our dialer Call your friends using our built in dialer without leaving the app. Connect with one simple touch We have developed an easy and fast way to connect with people: just touch the contact icon to Call, Text, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter, URL. Customize contact view Assign a contact icon or a favorite photo and choose up to 5 ways to connect (Call, Text, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter, URL). Assign preset icons and colors We have prepared a large set of icons and background colors that enable you to personalize the app, without getting lost among your contacts. Contact display settings Assign your favorite images for each contact! You can use photo from gallery or shoot a new one. Select double size option (2x) for the most important contacts. Choose icon size and layout Unique and fully customizable speed dial icons. Choose large icons if you have poor eyesight. Choose small icons and place as many icon contacts on the screen. Add new social networks to your contacts Add Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Facetime or Whatsapp to your contacts. Tune up the app using flexible settings Customize the look of the application, its color themes, contact names, display, synchronization with iCloud and rate & share the app with your friends.

Connecting with people has never been easier!

User Manual

Our application is user-friendly and easy to use!

For Kids

Kids who are not able to read yet can easily call their Mom by touching her photo.

For the Elderly

All of your important contacts are available at the touch of your finger. Large contact icons allow an easier way for elderly people and users with bad eyesight to navigate through their favorite contacts.

For Social Network Users

Combine your favorite contacts of different types in one application. You can import contacts from your contact list or simply create new within the app for Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime, Twitter.

For Drivers

It is fast and easy to make important quick phone calls while waiting at a red light.

For all iPhone users

We have tried to create one unique user friendly application that combines different types of communication between people and yet it is still easy to use and incredibly useful in everyday life. We succeeded! Enjoy!

Make calls with one touch!
Users review
Heather Roxs

Was looking for some useful apps and finally got this. I am keeping this one for ever.


I suggest this app for everyone out there. Its definitely a worthy one.